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The paradoxical Power of political Institutions and the Latin American political Thought

by Pablo Guadarrama González

pp. 34-59 Issue 10 (5,2) – July-December 2018 ISSN (online): 2539/2239 ISSN (print): 2389-8232 DOI: 10.17450/180203


Since the first manifestations of human organization in the gens, the tribe, the people, up to more advanced forms as the State, courts, churches, cities, constitutions, political parties, trade unions, the different organizations of civil society the men have tried to find some kind of protection and personal fulfillment, but paradoxically at the same time have feared its power to consider, that they constitute powerful boomerang that endangers her individual interests. The most outstanding representatives of the Latin American political thought have developed concrete proposals and objective of «practical humanism». They have generally distanced itself from speculative and idealistic cut formulations, because they think are harmful to the emancipatory goals of peoples. This feature of concretion is also observed in relation to the political institutions.


power, alienation, political institutions
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