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The Blob and the Block. When the Rhetoric of the Smooth and the Striated went all wrong

by Beatriz V. Toscano

pp. 200-222 Issue 7 (4,1) – January-June 2017 ISSN (online): 2539/2239 ISSN (print): 2389-8232 DOI: 1017450/170112


This paper conforms to a view of architecture and the distribution of urban space as bio-political parameters of dominance and resistance. Using G. Deleuze & F. Guattari’s seminal essay on 1444. The Smooth and the Striated, I intend to show how Global Capitalism, by replicating the discourse of the smooth and the ungraspable, has voided Dialectics of its subversive potential.


biopolitics, Architectural parametricism, Deleuze & Guattari, global capitalism, public space
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