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From Rights to Duties? A First Approximation

by Francisco Javier Ansuategui Roig

pp. 18-33 Issue 10 (5,2) – July-December 2018 ISSN (online): 2539/2239 ISSN (print): 2389-8232 DOI: 10.17450/180202


This paper presents a first approach to the criticism that addresses the discourse of rights from the claim of the primacy of duties.Special attention is paid to the development of certain approaches in the Italian doctrine, which have taken as their objective the critical analysis of the Bobbian thesis according to which our age is the age of rights. The aim of the paper is to analyze, in the first place, if the duties-based criticism is supported by good reasons; and in the second place, if duties can substitute rights in their function of legitimating our legal-political systems.


Horizontal Law, Rights, Duties, Moral Progress
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