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Editorial: New Lines of geopolitical Split and Redefinition of the Spaces of Powers, Exploitation and Emancipation Movements

by Laura Bazzicalupo

pp. 12-21 Issue 15 (8,1) – January-June 2021 ISSN (online): 2539/2239 ISSN (print): 2389-8232 DOI:


The focus of this issue of our journal is on the World.
Broadening the critical lens to include the world is necessary to decipher the social and political ontology in which we live, where different yet interconnected forms of power coexist. This does not mean turning away from the world to see it as a whole. There is no whole, but many different times and spaces, which in no case form an organic totality nor a marely quantitative sum, but nevertheless qualitatively influence, contaminate and alter each other in their very coexistence. Political space is, indeed, worldwide and interdependent, but it is also striated, marked with streaks, bounds, lines. And only a transversal look at the spaces codified as generally identifiable —be they the nation states, or the macro-regions or the mythical Occident— can account for the streaks, fracture lines and reorganisation paths that are overwritten on the traditional geographical map, on the “world-systems” through which, for a long time, geopolitical and geo-economic turbulences have been understood.

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