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Class Struggle and Populism: Ties, Transfigurations, Tensions

by Alfredo D’Attorre

pp. 120-137 Issue 11 (6,1) – January-June 2019 ISSN (online): 2539/2239 ISSN (print): 2389-8232 DOI:


The article analyzes the complex and problematic relationship between populist insurgency and the return of the class struggle. The ‘populist moment’ is interpreted as a counter-movement with respect to the disruptive social results of the thirty-year period of neo-liberal globalization and as an obligatory passage, in the current historical conjuncture, to reactivate the possibility of a distributive conflict in a practicable political space, that of the National State. After the initial onset, however, populism is structurally inadequate, due to its very logic of functioning, to give form to a class struggle anchored in the pluralism of social interests and to resist the risk of reactionary drifts and colonization from above by the dominant economic forces.


National State, Law, populism, class struggle, deglobalization
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