Ambiguity of the Neoliberal Government, Including Selective Inclusion and Re-Territorialization|vol. 5 n. 1 2018

set 20, 2018 by

3. bazzicalupoLaura Bazzicalupo (Università degli Studi di Salerno)

DOI: 101745450/180103

The deep crisis of the representation regime open to the winning instance of presenting the dynamics of reality in an absolute immanence: the neoliberal discourse is capable of producing subjectivations adapted to the global transformations of capitalism. But it is also a way of representing the ontology of the present, highlighting the individualistic and deconstructed fragmentation that makes it governable in the neoliberal modus. Governance is held together with the incoherent fragmentation as its presupposition. Since the Eighties and under the pressure of euphoric globalization, neoliberal governmentality manages the double instance of government and self-government through a functional, operational organization, based on an unlimited inclusiveness of principle that is however regulated and made selective through the universal law of competition.