Mulier oeconomica, on biopolitical construction of women’s bodies|vol. 4 n. 2 2017

mag 24, 2018 by

Carlotta Cossutta (University of Eastern Piedmont)16 cossutta
DOI: 10.17450/170216

The article analyses the interplay between biopolitics and reproduction. The text examines Angela Putino’s thought to show how reproduction, through the sexuality device and medical power/knowledge, becomes the site of application of biopolitical techniques. At the same time, however, Putino shows some risks of complicity in feminism that can reproduce a biological dimension in politics without being able to withstand biopower. To find trails of resistance, then, the text refers to the work of Donna Haraway, that criticise the distinction between nature and culture, and to those of Melinda Cooper and Catherine Walby, who analyse the clinical labor in the framework of biocapitalism.