The mammoletta-complex and the sexed truth of neoliberal digitality|vol. 4 n. 2 2017

mag 24, 2018 by

10 righiAndrea Righi (Miami University)

DOI: 10.17450/170210

In this essay, I lay out a critique of neoliberal digitality from the vantage point of the thought of sexual difference. I consider the ways in which crowdworking platforms such as the Mechanical Turk micromanage digital living labor thus generating surplus value in the form of piece work labor, rent, and increased scalability of the system. I then provide a discussion of the genealogy of Mechanical Turk demonstrating its clear sexed origins –what I identify as the mammet complex– as well as its relations to the sphere of reproduction. This forms the basis for a reconsideration of the potential for opposition that lurks in this model that I assemble by recapitulating key insights in Luisa Muraro’s considerations on what she calls the maternal continuum through a reading of Walter Benjamin.